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World Ukulele Day!!! Feb 2nd

Today is World Ukulele Day!!!! :-)

Some people are wondering how I started playing ukulele. Well, it all started six years ago when I heard IZ on internet radio playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. When I heard that song, I told myself " if I ever pick up an ukulele from a music store, that will be the first song I will learn". That song was beautiful in its own way that I've never heard before. That same year, I went to Hollywood Boulevard to a music store and found my first ukulele. When it was shipped to my home, I learned that song and played it until 2 in the morning. I am very thankful and blessed for everything that has come my way while playing this beautiful instrument. I wish I could thank IZ for being my first inspiration. I thank him in spirit. Saludos! 

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