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The Oakland A's and Angels game performance yesterday

A lot of you may not know, but I am also a saxophone player. I've played from fourth grade all the way to now. I've learned a lot from teachers in the past, including this director right here. I had the opportunity of performing with the Tulare Community Band at the Oakland A's versus Angels game yesterday. I was asked by my high school band director, Mr Bill Ingram. I was in the marching band in high school for 4 years and Jazz band for 3 years. He asked if I would like the opportunity of sitting in with the community band and performing the national anthem. I definitely said yes and it was great to get back into this musical environment which I haven't done for quite a while. It was an honor to sit in with all these amazing musicians and be part of this really awesome event. Thank you Mr Ingram for this amazing opportunity. It was great seeing you and everyone. Thank you Oakland Athletics. We are happy that you enjoyed the performance before the game. Had such an amazing and great time. Until the next show, I will see you all soon. Much respect and saludos!!!


Edward Hernandez


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