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Outsiders - The Quarantine Sessions EP

Happy New Year to everybody out there in social media land! Just want to throw this out there and let you know that we have this EP available right now on Pandora radio and Apple music. All music streams are going to be released soon as possible, so stay tuned and enjoy the music for the new year. I just want to give a big shout out to the one and only Jion Jugo for his amazing ukulele work on this EP. You want to hear some ukulele skills, check out this EP in listen to the amazing skills of Jion Jugo. Thanks to everybody that has had the opportunity to listen to it this early morning. Thank you to everyone for the love and support and we greatly appreciate you 100%. Hey everybody, have an amazing Saturday and enjoy this amazing project. Saludos!! #TheQuarantineSessions #JionJugo #TheBeardedUke #Outsiders #california #Ukulele #Ukes #Uke #Bass #BassGuitar #UprightBass #Music #EP #EasyListening #2022 #HappyNewYear


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