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Meeting the band Chicago

Since I can remember, I have been influenced by so much music in my lifetime thanks to my family. I have grown up listening to Earth Wind & Fire to the Beachboys, Blood Sweat & Tears and so on. One group in particular has been an inspiration, that I never thought I would see the day of meeting them in person. I remember listening to Chicago on a cassette tape when I was in Jr High. I use to play the heck out of their greatest hits album. I never thought in a million years I would meet one of my favorite bands in the world. I had that opportunity this month and I’m very thankful and blessed. I recall a few months ago listing a few things I wanted checked off my bucket list. Meeting Chicago and having them autograph my album was one of them. I would of thought it was impossible, but putting in the work and reaching out to others on social media made this happen. The craziest part was having former Chicago member Peter Cetera autograph my album as well. Having that opportunity the week before meeting Chicago was surreal. Meeting Robert Lamm before the show was also surreal. I was backstage, kicking it with my wife and who walks out of the dressing room? None other than Hall Of Famer Robert Lamm. He walked up to me and asked how I was doing and I replied with “I’m good now” LOL! We both introduced ourselves and shook hands. I couldn’t believe it. Meeting the man himself. I had the chance to thank him for being an inspiring musician/song writer and appreciate all that he has done. Doing this reminded him of his encounter with Burt Bacharach 30 years ago. He told me the story of how he met and thanked him as well. To hear his story really made that moment unforgettable. I informed him that I perform my rendition of Another Rainy Day In New York City live. He asked me if it was on YouTube and I informed him that I will post it ASAP with his permission to do so. I can pretty much say this was an amazing experience. This will be a story that I will take with me and tell within my future interviews and performances. I couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Chicago for being an amazing group. If you would like to hear my rendition of Another Rainy Day In New York City, click  here  and enjoy. Saludos!

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