Open Mic Night at the Lunchbox in Visalia

TGIF everyone! Tonight, I'm doing open mic night at the Lunchbox in Visalia CA. Other artist will be performing as well. Come out and support your ukulele performer at the Lunchbox. They will start at 7pm. See you soon. Saludos!

RIP Al Jarreau

It saddens me to hear that the great and legendary Al Jarreau had passed away today. His music was a big influence in my life since I can remember.  There was no one like him. His signature vocals were recognizable to any listener, giving him authentication to his style and performance. I wish I could say thank you for being a massive influence to not just the music world, but my music world. My prayers and condolences go out to him and his family.  A legend gone but not forgotten. RIP Al Jarreau.

Sitting in with The Box at Rookies in Visalia CA

I want to give a shout out to The Box. Thank you for having me sit in on your set last night. It was fun and I had a great time. I hope everybody else had a great time as well. It was an honor playing with amazing musicians and getting to share the stage. Hopefully we can do this again soon. Check out the full video on my YouTube Channel. Saludos! #visala #TheBox #TetonUkuleles #TetonGuitars #CovenantCables #UkeLife #ThugUke

World Ukulele Day!!! Feb 2nd

Today is World Ukulele Day!!!! :-) Some people are wondering how I started playing ukulele. Well, it all started six years ago when I heard IZ on internet radio playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. When I heard that song, I told myself " if I ever pick up an ukulele from a music store, that will be the first song I will learn". That song was beautiful in its own way that I've never heard before. That same year, I went to Hollywood Boulevard to a music store and found my first ukulele. When it was shipped to my home, I learned that song and played it until 2 in the morning. I am very thankful and blessed for everything that has come my way while playing this beautiful instrument. I wish I coul

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